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Lyudmila Putina told about the horrors of the family: VLADIMIR CONSTANTLY bullied ....

This Page has been translated from Russian, and because of this translates into broken English.

Lyudmila Putina told about the horrors of the family: VLADIMIR CONSTANTLY bullied ....

Vladimir Vladimirovich me about his work is absolutely nothing and never told. In my attendant question: "Well, now what I do?" He always laughed it off as usual: "Before lunch, caught, released in the afternoon." And yet ... By the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich, I have not said that he was an officer of the KGB. When first met, he said that working in the criminal investigation, and I was sure as many as one and a half years ... I had a girlfriend, wife of Vladimir Vladimirovich, buddy, I just found out from her that he was working for the KGB ..

The news of the divorce of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Putina has caused a flurry of discussion around the world, and especially in the post-Soviet space. Bloggeravmalgin published a book fragment V.Blotskogo "Vladimir Putin. The life story" (2002), where then-First Lady says about the hard life with her ​​husband.
I clearly remember the first meeting with the parents of Vladimir ... He had just bought a very fashionable at the times stereo "Russia" and on this occasion invited me and two other friends ... Then, I remember, I went into the kitchen, and there was a mother of Vladimir - Maria Ivanovna. We began to say something, and then all the same Alex [friend Vladimir, who introduced them - Ed.] Comes into the kitchen and asks Maria Ivanovna: "How do you Luda?" And she replied: "Yes, she did, but he already had a good girl ... Luda.." And then - stuff like that. 
I just tears gushed from my eyes do not ... I must admit, when I was very unpleasant, painful and sad ... 
Our relationship with Vladimir Vladimirovich developed quite smoothly. Maybe it was not always rosy, but - stable. However, they present a strange pattern: two months - all right, then some negative, confusion, and then - again, all is well. 
If we talk about feelings, it was not some momentary fad. You know how it is: met a man and fell in love immediately. That has not happened. For the first time in my life, I gradually fell in love with a man.Gradually accustomed to and fell in love ... 
My - is a special story. In them, I never was late, but Vladimir Vladimirovich - permanently. Half an hour - it was in the order of things. But knowing this, I could not be delayed. And suddenly, I thought, it will be time today. (By the way, with delays of Vladimir Vladimirovich, I never resigned to this day.) 
I remember standing in the subway. The first fifteen minutes of delay to withstand normal, half an hour - also seems to be nothing. But when an hour passes, and its all there, you just cry for insult. And after half an hour already do not feel any emotions ... irrelevant, when finally appeared Vladimir Vladimirovich, I have not figured out. Over the one and a half hour experience it so that no force was no more emotions. So Vladimir Vladimirovich took me starve, starve. A delay is always attributed to the work, which, by the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich was punctual. He relaxed in his personal life. Well, where else? ..
We must pay tribute to Vladimir Vladimirovich - it was always this: never meant it never pretended to be who he really was not. Vladimir Vladimirovich never flaunted his behavior, the principles and the fact that he - that is. He just was so - and all. Vladimir Vladimirovich never even talked, but I knew that he was and never will be another. Similar behavior was fair. 
... It seems to me, Leningrad put a certain stamp on Vladimir ... There are still a husband some secrecy, which, incidentally, was typical of his parents ... Once we went to a party where I'm probably too relaxed behaved: dancing, having fun, laughing. Vladimir Vladimirovich did not like it, and I was very clearly stated that our future relations are impossible. At that moment I realized - it is necessary to leave. I even did not argue, because it was all said quite firmly. Especially since I am one of those people who understand a word, its importance. A resentment of the above was not. It came to me honestly said all the right in the eye. I left ... I must admit - it was very hard. Very! 
And after two weeks come to the door of the apartment, and it pinned such a small little note: "Yes, darling, it's me." And - telephone number ... Subsequently, Vladimir Vladimirovich said that his trip to "get" ... Well, if you come, then why not go ... 
I remember when I cried meeting, declares his love, saying that Vladimir Vladimirovich I need. Then I went to see him off ... But our relationship was still uncertain ... 
The fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich the whole of our life together had me - exactly. Always I had the feeling that he is all the time as if watching me - what I will now take a decision right or not, whether I stand or that test. 
I remember that, in 1981, we started skiing ... Just what -That moment he suddenly offered to start them for you. Not even the fact that he offered. He did not ask my opinion. For Vladimir was taken for granted that we will start to ski ... Ski suits were deficient ... Therefore we do without them, and the view we had, frankly, terrible. 
We went in Kavgolovo. Now, over time, this trip seems to be something incredible ... I had to get on the chaise: the tram and then metro, then train. On the road from the house to the base took an hour and a half ... 
The instructors we had not. Studied themselves. He got up on his skis and went, as God put per capita.Equipment was expensive: skis, boots, etc. In fact, since all the funds went out of this hobby. Sometimes money even for theater tickets no choice ... 
Vladimir Vladimirovich has always been a car that met - "Zaporozhets." I remember there was a moment when there was no car exhaust, and without him in the second half of the night we went to Peter. Apparently, Mr Putin wanted to show me the night city and also, probably, "to produce" personal car, which at that time was extremely prestigious. So then Vladimir Vladimirovich was the guy no matter where. And, from my point of view, the story with a silencer appeared meaningless. Can you imagine, I come only four days, and I want to just be, talk with Volodya. In this case I absolutely do not care to be "Zaporozhets" or not. But Mr Putin, apparently, very much like a ride on my car, and so he spent a whole day in search of the ill-fated muffler. I'm out of this, all the time spent in the hotel. It was terrible shame: so kill one day out of four to end up riding through the city in a car ... without silencer. 
Then "Zaporozhets" with the garage was sold, and the money bought another car - "Lada", "four ". On it we went in our honeymoon trip with his friends - a husband and wife who had a car. Then for me was the amazing discovery that Vladimir Vladimirovich in the team never pretends to palm. Leadership, he gave a more active person. That man, Sasha, was such and therefore are constantly planning our days, and Vladimir Vladimirovich willingly obeyed. Perhaps precisely because of this that month we spent even without a hint of any quarrel, very relaxed and friendly ... 
If we talk about the Black Sea for the first time together with Vladimir Vladimirovich, we went to the Pike summer of 1981 ... I remember there cooking because Vladimir Vladimirovich flatly refused to go to the dining rooms catering. While in the shops ball Roll was, and had to buy the products on the market, where the prices were quite high. We had to contrive something to buy and there is not much to spend money at the same time. I'm ready for two, but from time to time came the guys [shortstop Vladimir - Vlad and Victor - Ed.]. The hostess was terribly unhappy, because it is usually room in the apartments were rented without the right to cook in the kitchen ... 
The trip took Vladimir Vladimirovich speargun, flippers, a mask and a mattress. The sea was far away from home - about half an hour walk. I remember there was a small poluostrovok. From the shore it was difficult to pass, especially with a gun. It was easier to reach by swimming. And at that moment I just stayed on the water, and then only with great difficulty. Swim learned later. And on this mattress, risking, in fact, my life, I have to move to the island. Volodya was sailing nearby. The sun beat down mercilessly, and there was nowhere to hide - solid stones around. I was badly burned, and then the skin from the shoulders simply peeled off. And Vladimir Vladimirovich spent more than an hour under water with the gun until it has died from the cold. He tried to shoot the fish. And suddenly I see: emerges happy, but in the hands - boom, which beats a small fish twenty centimeters. And with a triumphant air emerges. But it is under almost water fish seems twice bigger than it actually is. Then from this fish soup I cooked.Here we have been mining. 
I do not remember how it happened that one floated back. Most likely, Vladimir Vladimirovich went on shore, and I was afraid, because there was a very narrow passage in the rock. Apparently, I said get over to swim. Then Volodya gives the gun and asks: 
- Doplyvesh 
gun in the water seemed to me easy. 
- Yes, - I answered. But when I swam clumsily, raising his gun above his head, then realized with horror that it was very heavy and I probably will not swim. At that moment, I was seized by such panic that I did not remember how still swam. Later, I could not even figure out how to reach the shore. 
So it is always there is a situation which did not allow to relax. All the time I had something to fight:. Skiing, mountains, water, 
I got married three and a half years after they met, 28 July 1983. By the way, for all Since that time we have never celebrated a wedding anniversary ... Although I never hinted at marriage, we are well aware that sooner or later have to decide: either - toward minus or plus sign. But Vladimir Vladimirovich did not suffer, if, say, the girl began to put pressure on him, insinuate or to fail in their conversation to the topic of marriage. Even if accidentally touched a similar theme, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Immediately suppressed it. He ironically refers to those conversations, and believed that the decision should take a man ... 
Vladimir Vladimirovich has made ​​an offer for all the rules, classically he declared his love and proposed to appoint a date for the wedding in July. Everything was done in form. And even a little bit artificial. I remember how it was. We sat Volodya in the room, and he suddenly says: 
- Well, darling, you know my character. It is quite heavy. And now, in principle, you should probably decide in life. 
I just froze everything inside. And when Vladimir Vladimirovich thus began the conversation, I realized that he had decided to break off our relationship. But even at that moment I said as I thought: 
- You know, I was determined. I need you. 
Then Volodya said: 
- Well, if so, then I suggest you to marry me. I love you. Do you agree? 
- Yes, I agree - answer. 
- If you do not mind, - concluded Vladimir Vladimirovich - let our wedding will be held July 28 in three months. 
As we explained in love ... in the end of April, 
I do not really remember , it then shouted "Kiss!". Probably screaming. Must have been ... And I do not remember how we kissed ... 
Then we went on a honeymoon trip by car. They arrived to Kiev ... In my opinion, even in the theater were. Photos, unfortunately, did not survive. We had a camera and black-and-white film to him. I even took pictures of something, though, and did not know how. Then they lay undeveloped film home, and after a while we have them thrown out. So our honeymoon left without pictures. 
... I remember eighty kilometers to Nikolaev, we boiled the radiator, and the rest of the way we hauled on a rope in a friend nodes and only one and a half meters long. They arrived at Nikolayev, and there all night the men repaired the damage, and then moved on. They arrived to Yalta ... And returning from Yalta through Moscow, because Vladimir there were some cases. And while he was engaged by them, I lived with our companions. 
That's how we spent our honeymoon ... 
... Vladimir Vladimirovich me about his work is absolutely nothing and never told. In my attendant question: "Well, what now engaged," he always laughed it off as usual: "Before lunch, caught, released in the afternoon." And yet ... 
By the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich, I have not said that he was an officer of the KGB. When first met, he said that working in the criminal investigation, and I was sure as many as one and a half years ... I had a girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, Vladimir Vladimirovich, I just found out from her that he was working for the KGB ... I think that most likely she did it on behalf of. It was necessary to Vladimir Vladimirovich somehow get out of the situation. So he chose this method. However, about a way of - I guess, but still do not know for sure. 
After this news sensation were not pleasant ... In that moment it was a signal that I still do not quite trust. In my opinion, after talking with a friend, I asked Mr Putin, saying that so? And he said, yes, it is.But I do not remember ... 
Then there was one that I still remember. Things were so. We agree with Vladimir, I'll call him at seven in the evening. The communal on Vasilevsky had no phone, and I went to call from the machine. During the hour and a half I went and called, because Volodya came home only half past eight. It was dark.And in the twilight, I once again went to the machine, called in vain and coming back. Suddenly I see - running after me young man. The street is empty. And I have to enter through the archway, through which you get to the courtyard, a well, and only because it includes the entrance. A young man comes first quick step. I, too, adds a step. It accelerates the step - and I did too. He ran - I ran. And then he cries out to me: 
- Girl, wait a minute, I have done nothing wrong. Just I want to talk to you. Just two seconds. 
And quite frankly screams. What it is called - from the heart. I stopped, and he runs up and says: 
- Girl, it's fate. This is destiny! How would you like to meet you! 
- What are you, what fate! - Answer. 
- Oh, please, I beg you, give me your phone. 
- I do not have the phone. 
- Then write me. 
- I will not. I'm sorry, but it's still no luck. 
- Well, what if you change your mind? Record on the safe side. 
- There is no case can not be. 
She turned and went. Then I did not think it could be some kind of test. But then, when I learned that Vladimir Vladimirovich is working for the KGB, he recalled the case. Many times I asked him about it, but every time he evaded the question. So still I do not know what it was - an attempt to check or just some young man to meet me. I did not think to check immoral people in such a situation. After all, it was necessary to somehow figure out the moral principles of man. Who knows, maybe after marriage I will be with the first comer in the street to get acquainted. However, I never thought at the time about some sort of checks. Let check! .. 
I never was angry because of the work of Vladimir Vladimirovich. Work is work. Angry and offended and it was absolutely unclear why Vladimir Vladimirovich could say that would be, for example, nine in the evening, and do not come at this time. But it's not so bad. My husband never called back to report on how many delayed. After all, I have existed plans for the evening. It may not be as important and saturated, but nevertheless they have always been. And if the husband said that he would come home at nine and came to twelve, the three hours I could not find a place, I waited. But nothing is painfully than wait and catch up. I look forward, of course, worried all the time thinking of Vladimir Vladimirovich. I start to get angry, then offended, then upset. During this time, a lot of experience of emotion. Especially because in all the years of living together, I never learned how to switch to some other cause. I just do what I'm waiting for him. In another way, I do not know how ... 
In fact, I have always obeyed the wishes of Vladimir. It was he who suggested to enter the Spanish branch after the workers' school ... Then Volodya said: "You have completed the course at the same time typing" ... Under the hood - and typewriting courses. And this is the fourth year, when I was pregnant with Masha ... 
I remember when Mary was born, on the second or third day, I called him to find out his opinion about the name. I always wanted a girl named Natasha. I had a friend of Natasha, and generally liked the name. And Vladimir Vladimirovich said: "No, she will Masha". I - in tears. I wanted was Natasha. But then I realized that there is no choice, and the little girl would still be Masha. Then I thought to myself ". Well After all, my favorite aunt, also named Masha" ... 
Just three days left for Vladimir Vladimirovich. Since he was not engaged in diapers, food, cooked breakfasts, lunches, dinners, I was even easier after his departure, because it was necessary to take care of two people - a husband and a child, and so I just left Maria ... 
... When arrived in Dresden, it was the seventh month of pregnancy. In this case I never went to the doctor - it was not the time. I remember we went to the doctor, and he scolded me, so abused. It turned out that I have a very low hemoglobin. And where did it to be high? Imagine: I'm pregnant with Katya in the seventh month, Masha - on one hand, a bag of groceries - to another, and walking to the sixth floor.And here on the landing of the second floor overlook the husband and wife and see me, to climb to the top. Dumb. The man's eyes get big-big. He only could that breathe, "Luda, well, except can you?" Then the man grabs Masha bag and lifts them to the sixth floor. But it was only once. And I have a day of hiking at least three came out. 
Then, I know, a neighbor spoke several times to her husband: "Volodya, you have to help must help, Volodya.!" But to no avail special action, since Vladimir was the principle: the woman in the house all has to do itself. So he never took no part in the household ... 
... To be honest, neither then nor now I do not cook very much. Vladimir Vladimirovich eating people that lusted. If any dish does not correspond to his ideas about the meal as such, he would prefer to opt out of it. So everything has not become, and the more will not crack up. 
There is a category of men who appetite wrapped around the plate for plate, constantly praising how delicious, how wonderful! And asked to supplement. I always wanted my husband was like that - eating and saying how delicious, how cool! And I always envied women who have just such a husband. 
In our family, everything happened differently. Comes Volodya, say for lunch. Of course, I set the table.Husband eats. I'm waiting with bated breath reaction. It is not. 
- As the meat? - I can not stand. 
-. Dryish 
For me it is that knife to the heart. I tried so hard, especially for meat went, then click Finish. You could say his heart and soul invested. And - rather dry! So I gradually began to feel an aversion to the kitchen.Especially because you can never had to wait for at least some praise. If something was really tasty, the conclusion was as follows: good. While on the other hand, there is the famous phrase: do not praise a woman, so it does not spoil. So Vladimir Vladimirovich I always coached, kept, so to speak, in a tone ...From the book V.Blotskogo "Vladimir Putin. The history of life." Moscow, publishing house "International relations", 2002.

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