Friday, November 13, 2015

Russian spies ‘using sex and vodka’ to blackmail Norwegians into handing over information, intelligence agency claims

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Russian spies have been using sex and alcohol to blackmail “naive” Norwegians into handing over sensitive information, it has been claimed.

Norway’s Police Intelligence Service (PST) says agents with its Russian counterpart are reverting to Cold War tactics on its politicians and business people during visits to the Russian Federation.

According to Norwegian state broadcaster NRK, Norwegian MPs told PST officials the agents would typically ply them with vodka and offer sex with attractive women.

Arne Christian Haugstøyl, PST’s head of counter-intelligence, said the citizens are then threatened with prosecution over their acts unless they hand over information.

He said Norwegians were too trusting and easily caught in such “honey traps”.

Mr Haugstøyl said: “We suspect a large unknown figure [may have been victims of the tactic], because some people will undoubtedly feel the pressure is so large that they will not report it to us or to their employer when they return.

“We are naive when we are travelling to this kind of country.

“It is an alarming development that we must be aware of.”

The accusations were denied by Andrey Kuliko, from Russia’s Oslo embassy, who said: “These allegations are scandalous and nothing but lies.”

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