Wednesday, November 11, 2015

GCHQ says that British industry is bashed seven times a day by hackers

GCHQ has warned about an increase of attacks on industry

ACCORDING TO THE WATCHMEN AT GCHQ, the average UK enterprise is bothered by malicious attacks around seven times a day.

The spy agency has been chatting to its friends at the Telegraph, which reports that GCHQ estimates there are 200 attacks on industry every month, up from 100 in summer 2014.

We have contacted the GCHQ – it probably knows that already – for comment and are awaiting a reply.
"These are attacks that are of significance to national security," said Ciaran Martin, director general for cyber security at GCHQ. "That is either because of who the aggressor or the victim is or because of the nature of the attack."

Victims of such attacks, said Martin, are the kind of outfits that you really don't want to be attacked, exposed or made vulnerable. They include nuclear power companies and businesses that work with the military.

The 200 attacks a month is double what the guys at GCHQ were seeing last year, which suggests that some outfits do not know what they are doing, and have left things open to molestation.

The alert comes at a time when the government is looking to shore up UK communications, by taking them by the throat, and according to the Telegraph it forms part of something called the CyberInvest Programme, which takes money – around £6.5m so far – and throws it at the problem.

"CyberInvest is an exciting initiative which brings industry, government and academia together, and builds on the UK's reputation as a global leader for cyber security research," said Ed Vaizey UK Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy.

"Over the last four years we have invested over £20m in UK cyber security research, and the new CyberInvest scheme will play an important role in our ongoing work to help protect UK citizens and businesses online."

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