Friday, July 31, 2015

The Psychic Spy Novel

The Psychic Spy by Irene Allen-Block is a riveting tale of a little-known aspect of our intelligence agencies.

Eileen Evans is beautiful young woman and talented psychic who is unwittingly recruited by MI6 to join their new top secret Remote Viewing program during the heart of the Cold War in the 1970’s and 80’s. Eileen soon finds herself embroiled in excitement and danger as she quickly becomes a “psychic spy” for British Intelligence. Finding forbidden love with another agent, Eileen descends into a dark world filled with political intrigue, danger and death. Not only must she cope with the possibility of losing her life, she must also struggle with the very real threat of losing her soul. 

Smart, sexy and filled with humor and peril, The Psychic Spy is a thrilling adventure that explores a little-known but very real world where governments use actual psychics to spy on their enemies, and in some cases, even their allies! Irene Allen-Block has created a powerful tale that should entertain and educate readers on a piece of history that has been hidden in the shadows.

Nick Redfern says The Psychic Spy is "a great story filled with adventure, intrigue, and shadowy characters. As Irene Allen-Block skillfully shows, the mind is a mysterious and dangerous tool."

David M Rountree Rountree says, 'This book is a great read, entertaining, and a bit titillating. Bravo Irene!'

Currently being developed as a dramatic television series, The Psychic Spy is now available in our store at Glannant, as well as on, Barnes & Noble, and in eBook formats.

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