Friday, September 30, 2016

How ISIS rewards its fighters: Snitch on your brother, win three sex slaves!


ALEPPO, Syria - In a tell-all interview, a captured ISIS fighter has made some shocking revelations about the functioning of the world’s most dreadful terror group. 
The captured jihadi fighter, identified as Abu Al-Mughira Al-Muhajer was one amongst the numerous ISIS fighters arrested at the Al-Sham front in Aleppo, Syria. He made the revelations in a TV interview in the United Arab Emirates.
Amongst the most shocking revelation made by Al-Muhajer was that that terror group would reward its fighters with sex slaves. 
Al-Muhajer recalled that he had helped capture his own brother who was trying to flee the militant regime and in return for his noble act, ISIS awarded him three slave girls. 
He added that ISIS would buy these women from a slave market in Raqqa, Syria for anywhere between $250 and $500.
He said in the chilling interview, “Whenever they took captives, they would bring slave girls, and they would place them on the slave market in Raqqa. Afterwards, they would sell them for dollars. Their price would range from $250 to $500. The Islamic State would buy slave girls and give them as rewards.”
Detailing the incident involving him, Al-Muhajer said, “After I informed on my brother who wanted to leave ISIS, I was rewarded with three slave girls - one from Damascus and two from Homs. All of them had been beaten on their backs. They told me that the girl from Damascus was a Yazidi and that the two girls from Homs were Christians.”
The ethnic group, Yazidis was mentioned in the statement by Abu Al-Mughira Al-Muhajer. This group is known for committing horrific genocide, killing 5,000, according to a UN estimate.
The jihadi said that he had been lied to by the ISIS commanders when it came to the women.
He stated, “They told me that the had been captured, but it turned out they were wives of Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters from the Islamic Front. So I went to the Emir and told him that they were not slave girls or anything. He admitted that they were wives of FSA fighters, but said that they too needed to be captured.”

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