Thursday, August 25, 2016

Californian gets 50 months in prison for Chinese ‘technology spy’ work

A sting operation by the US Department of Homeland Security has netted one California woman a 50-month sojourn in prison after she was found guilty of trying to break the US Arms Export Control Act.

The court heard that between March 2011 and June 2013, Wenxia Man, 45, of San Diego, worked with a Chinese national – who she described as a “technology spy” – to obtain classified military hardware and its schematics for export to the Middle Kingdom for a $1m payoff. “I’m innocent,” Man told the judge, The Sun-Sentinel reports. “This is my country, too.”

Man, a computer science graduate, worked with her husband running a mobile phone components business, and investigators were tipped off by a third party that she was looking for classified military hardware. Over a nine-month period, an undercover agent exchanged a series of emails and text messages about her plans, pretending he could source the materials.

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